We Are The Best!

Band Fanpage

This is a fan page for the unnamed punk band from the Swedish film We Are the Best!. The band formed in 1982 in Stockholm and consists of three teenage girls: Hedvig, Bobo, and Klara.


Hate the Sport

The children in Africa are dying
Nature is fully polluted
but you only care about the recruited
Children cry and scream
you only care about your soccer team
Hate the sport
Hate the sport
Hate hate hate hate the sport

Prettiest Girls in Town

The prettiest girls in town

Abort the Parents

Hate the parents
Abort all the parents

Hate Västerås

Hate Västerås
Hate Västerås
Hate hate hate hate Västerås



Three young girls growing up in the early '80s in Stockholm form a punk band. They are the best and they know it. Screw the rest. They are definitely better than bands like Iron Fist.