Kickfurther Investment Statistics

Kickfurther is a crowd funding platform similar to kickstarter. The difference is that with kickfurther you invest and get a monetary return.

Existing companies raise a certain amount of funds and then promise to pay back those funds plus a percentage to their backers.

The following is a graphical representation of funded and completed companies. The data was gathered using Python from the kickfurther website. The graph was made using d3.js.

Larger circles represent more funds raised, and lighter colors represent a higher return. Red are completed offers, green are funded but not yet (as of Jan 18, 2016) completed.

The mean amount raised for completed offers is $8,099 with a mean percent return of 9.2% The monthly return mean was 2.33%. For funded offers the mean amount raised is $20,921 and the mean return is 10.9%. The currently listed funded offers have a monthly mean return of 1.80%.

Amount Raised: $
Percent Returned: %
Monthly Percent Returned: %