Online Screen Saver

I had an idea for a relaxing browser based image display, something similar to the fireplace log you might find on TV during christmas. For those unfamiliar, every year around Christmas a television station would play hours and hours of a burning log in a fireplace. The idea was that those without a fireplace of their own could turn the TV to the log channel and have something similar in their home.

Originally I was looking to use some kind of API to load a bunch of beautiful images and play some relaxing music. But Imgur and other picture hosting sites don’t really allow this. Which totally makes sense on their part, they are not a CDN.

So instead I took a few of the top images from Reddit’s EarthPorn, CityPorn and SpacePorn subreddits and just hosted them locally. I also took three songs from and also hosted them locally.

If this app were to ever really go live or become highly popular I would add a bunch more images and more music.

I’m happy with the result. The fade in and fade out when changing images is nice, the arrow on top of the menu bar is cool, the songs run on a loop. If I were to add more images and more music I would gladly leave this running in the background in my house.