Design First

When making a game, or probably any program it is probably a better idea to design what you want to create before you actually begin to code.

I started working on a little RPG style game recently, but I started to code before I had a full idea of how the game will be played, what the goals of the game will be, etc. I figured that this would all come along as I coded. It’s happened before with other things I wrote. But this time I just kept running into road blocks. I would either have too many ideas and now know how to implement them all to interact with one another or I just didn’t know where to go from a certain idea and how that idea would further the gameplay.

It wasn’t a coding issue. It was that I was trying to make something that I didn’t have a clear concept of. I have heard that writers of novels will find that their characters end up doing things that the author never expected while writing the book. I had hopes that the game would do the same.

It did not.

I’m putting the game ‘on hold’ for now because I just cannot figure out what I want the actual gameplay to be like. But it was a valuable lesson. Have a design before actually starting to code. At least a rough one that can change along the way.