There’s a project, JavaScript Breakouts which is a collection of different JavaScript game engines. All the game engines are used to create the same version of Breakout, with the same features, etc. It’s a way to allow people to compare different game engines by looking at them in action.

Since I’ve used enchant.js before, I figured I would add an enchant.js version to the Breakouts. The game can be played here. Coding this game I realized that enchant.js is out of date. The last time it has been updated was around 2013. There was one issue where I actually had to go in and change the code for enchant.js to make the game work. There is an outdated web audio line:


This caused Chrome and other webkit based browsers to issue a

Uncaught InvalidAccessError: Failed to execute 'disconnect' on 'AudioNode': the given destination is not connected.

error. This was fixed by changing the above line to


Before this change, the game would crash as soon as a sound was played. I see there are other issues with enchant.js. On older versions of Firefox the game does not finish loading. Instead it throws a

Error: failed in Deferred

error. It’s unfortunate, but it seems like enchant.js is no longer being maintained, and so I will have to find a new game engine to use, if I ever decide to use a game engine for a game.